Cycle Tester



A medical device customer needed a solution to prevent repetitive stress injuries in their operators for an application that required cycling a device many thousands of times. The fixture needed to perform several functions, including actuations of three different device mechanisms and feed advancement of a film, all in an automated manner. It also needed to accommodate three different device lengths. The customer also needed the ability for an operator to easily reprogram the cycle process to alter several different parameters depending on the type of cycle test that was being performed.

Pipeline developed a modular mechanical solution to accommodate all three device lengths. Three air cylinders were integrated to control the actuations of the three different device mechanisms, and a motor was used to advance the feed of the film. A custom Visual Basic program was created that allowed the operator to control the automation of the fixture, as well as easily reprogram it using a series of drop down menus. A foot pedal was also added to further simplify the operation of the cycle tester

Mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, machine shop vendor

SolidWorks 3D CAD, Visual Basic

Medical devices

Cycle Tester
Cycle Tester
Cycle Tester
Cycle Tester
Cycle Tester
Cycle Tester

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