Cota Ceiling Tiles

  It’s always exciting to see what new products are released at CES every year. This year, one of the standouts is Ossia’s new Cota Ceiling Tiles, which can wirelessly charge [...]

Quikdraw Lens Holster

Pipeline recently finished development of the Quikdraw, an innovative lens holster for photographers. The system allows one-handed changing of lenses between the camera and belt-mounted Quickdraw [...]

Black Oxide Finish

Black oxide is a common coating typically applied to iron and steel. It is created by immersing the part in an oxide salt solution at approximately 285 degrees F. While mostly applied to iron and [...]

Rapid Prototyping

The climax of any new product design is actually making the product. In the development phase, this can be scary for a number of reasons. Perhaps you’re undecided between several different [...]

Material Selection

Materials selection in mechanical design is one of the most critical (and often overlooked) aspects of a good product. Oftentimes when evaluating required strength parameters of a new design [...]

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