Developing CAD data from physical parts to enable manufacturing.


3D scanning transforms physical objects into fully-featured (editable), design-intent CAD models. Using blue light scanning technology, our scanner projects a series of linear patterns across the object. As the pattern changes, the scanner’s cameras capture the resulting “scattering” of the light across the the object’s surface and produce a large cloud of points (a “point cloud”). Our engineers then takes the raw data produced by the scanner and converts it into a usable solid model that can then be modified and used for manufacturing or other purposes.

3D scanning can be utilized for a variety of purposes:

  • Reverse Engineering – Pipeline creates parametric CAD design files based on in-house 3D scanning and processing. An example of one of our reverse engineering projects can be seen here.
  • Dimensional Inspection – We can produce inspection reports of critical dimensions/geometries that are difficult to measure by hand. Additionally, we can supply “heat maps” comparing scans of two (ostensibly) identical parts if they are in fact geometrically equivalent and interchangeable.
  • Scan-to-Print – Some organic or handmade designs may be too costly torecreate in CAD. 3D scanning offers a way to quickly replicate a shape and
    have it ready for 3D printing or other methods of manufacturing.

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An example of our 3D scanning & reverse engineering projects...


Design Solution

The customer maintains a product line of patented designs and was hired by the airline to integrate one of their products into a tray table. Since access to the CAD data for the tray was not available, Pipeline used 3D scanning to digitize the tray, and then modified it to accept the customer’s patented device holder.

TEAM: Mechanical Engineers, Specialized Manufacturer of Tray Tables

SolidWorks 3D CAD, Geomagic DesignX, SolidWorks 3D CAD Visualize, 3D Scanner

Commercial Product

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