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Pipeline’s customer had developed a manual process for testing an ultrasonic medical device during their R&D validation procedure, and needed to turn this into an automated production process. Pipeline was asked to redesign the mechanical assembly and incorporate motors to facilitate the automation of the test fixture, as well as provide software programming to drive the motors. Also, some areas of the fixture would be submerged and thus required materials that would not corrode.

Pipeline designed a 3-axis motorized fixture that automated the positioning of the medical device relative to a precision-machined echo plate. The motors controlled pitch, yaw, and displacement via a custom LabVIEW program. The entire system was retrofit into an existing test bed, and 316L stainless steel components were used to withstand extended use in the corrosive environment. A lift assist mechanism was also incorporated to help operators move the fixture in and out of its functional position. Once the engineering development was complete Pipeline machined the custom components, built the mechanical assembly, wired the electrical system, and installed the fixture on site at the customer’s facility.

Mechanical engineer, programmer, machine shop vendor
SolidWorks 3D CAD, LabVIEW
Medical devices

3-Axis Motorized Test Fixture
3-Axis Motorized Test Fixture
3-Axis Motorized Test Fixture
3-Axis Motorized Test Fixture
3-Axis Motorized Test Fixture
3-Axis Motorized Test Fixture
3-Axis Motorized Test Fixture

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