Product Photography

These days a product’s appearance matters as much as its function. Products that are advertised with compelling imagery sell better than those with less than stellar (or none at all) visuals. In our web-enabled society of massive online purchases, consumers expect to see detailed images of a product before committing to purchase it. Give them clear and understandable photos by providing detailed product photography of your offerings.

Good product photography can be surprisingly complicated and requires sophisticated equipment. Pipeline Design & Engineering uses a suite of professional studio lighting and camera equipment to produce ultra-detailed flattering images of your product. We can incorporate a variety of different backgrounds and lighting setups, and deliver anything from high resolution (up to 21 MP) prints to web-sized digital files. Our color calibrated monitors and proprietary post processing techniques ensure your products will be depicted accurately and consistently every time. We also staff professional photographers to maintain the highest quality for your product images.

A product is better suited to product photography when your project matches these criteria:

  • Product has not yet been modeled in CAD and geometry is very complex (lots of 3D contours, etc that would be time-intensive to model)
  • The required views, materials, colors, etc have already been defined
  • Product contains lots of fabrics or textiles (these can sometimes be difficult to render convincingly)
  • Product has already been manufactured and physical units are available