Product Development Process

Our product development process begins with defining the project requirements.  From an end user standpoint, we help you to define what your product needs to accomplish in order to be successful in its intended environment, from mechanical needs to aesthetic essentials.  Once a high level set of requirements has been established, our industrial designers can quickly generate several concepts that illustrate general form and function of your product.  This can range from free form hand sketches to 3D CAD models that have been photorealistically rendered.

After a winning concept is identified, engineering begins.  This includes detailed CAD design, mechanical analysis, material selection, interface definition, detailed manufacturing drawings, and testing.  Using rapid prototyping technologies we can quickly manufacture many products for functional testing and evaluation.  When the design has been completed, planning for manufacturing begins.  We have relationships with domestic and foreign fabricators who can provide a plethora of different manufacturing capabilities including plastic injection molding, casting, machining, thermoforming, welding, and sheet metal forming.  We can also provide a variety of finishing processes including painting, powder coating, screen and pad printing, plating, anodizing, and others.