Product Design 

Product Development Capabilities

Pipeline Design & Engineering is your solution to product development & commercialization. While our focus is primarily on mechanical engineering, we also offer comprehensive and full featured services in industrial design, electrical engineering, photorealistic rendering, testing, & FEA(computer simulation). We design for a wide range of manufacturing disciplines such as metal and plastic machining, welding, plastic injection molding, sheet metal forming, casting, soft tool molding, chemical etching, thermoforming, 3D printing, and a variety of finishing processes including painting, powder coating, screen and pad printing & anodizing.

Time to market is key to the success of any product. We help companies and individuals get there quickly by utilizing 3D CAD modeling, rapid prototyping technologies (3D printing), and photorealistic rendering. 3D CAD models allow our customers to see in real time what their product will look like in a 3D space. Rapid prototype models provide a dimensionally accurate means of putting a physical part in your hands within days instead of weeks (as typically required by more traditional manufacturing processes).  Finally, photorealistic rendering provides realistic imagery of your product, complete with logos, lights, and appropriate materials. Renderings can also be used to begin marketing a product before it’s actually been manufactured.

Ultimately, your product will need to be manufactured, and Pipeline excels in this area. We have close relationships with a large number of local vendors across multiple manufacturing disciplines who can fabricate prototypes and production components of your product. In addition, we have working relationships with several offshore factories for production manufacturing.

Our product development and mechanical engineering capabilities interface seamlessly with large and small scale manufacturing and is our chief area of expertise. Let us take care of your product design and development by contacting our engineers and designers today.