Photorealistic Product Renderings

3D Product Rendering

We help companies and inventors communicate their designs before product has even been manufactured through use of realistic product renderings. This can result in massive savings since no physical product needs to be fabricated. Rather, 3D CAD models are created to an appropriate level of detail, and rendered in a dedicated digital studio. A multitude of textures, coatings, colors, and materials can easily be added (and changed) in such an environment. Images can be made in low resolution for web display, or ultra-high resolution for printing large banners, etc.

Pipeline Design & Engineering utilizes sophisticated rendering software that is “physically accurate” (i.e. simulates the behavior of light in the exact same way it works in the real world) so that your images are exceptionally realistic and compelling. We can duplicate any camera angle or depth of field a high performance dSLR camera can, and more! In many cases it can be cheaper and quicker to do product renderings than a traditional photo shoot. For additional visualization needs, explore our product photography and rendered animations pages.

A product is best suited to photorealistic rendering when your project matches these criteria:

  • Need to visualize physically impossible situations such as internal components or cutaway views
  • The product has not yet been manufactured
  • Want to include many combinations of different backgrounds, material colors, textures, scenes, etc
  • Product is metal, plastic, rubber, or wood

For a sampling of renderings we have created, please view the slideshow below. (All rendering, environment, and material creation was done by Pipeline Design & Engineering. Most 3D models were created by Pipeline. Thanks to the GrabCAD community for providing some of the other 3D models)