Industrial Design

Industrial design is the art of making things look cool – this is one of our favorite activities at Pipeline!  Our IDs (industrial designers) and MEs (mechanical engineers) work seamlessly together to create products that function as intended and have incredible visual style.

As technology and manufacturing have progressed over the years, consumers have evolved to expect not only rock solid functionality from a product, but a beautiful design to match.  These days, it is often the aesthetic design of a product that distinguishes it from its competitors.

The industrial design phase of a project begins with a high level exploration of concepts, often hand sketched.  These concepts provide the customer with many options for different design aesthetics of the product.  Once the customer has selected a concept our industrial designers begin the refinement stage.  In this stage we often create detailed 3D CAD models and then photorealistically render them.  The deliverable is a set of high resolution imagery that puts your product in its best light (literally) and can be used for a variety of purposes such as investor presentations, pre-order graphics, branding or product literature.