Contract Engineering

Support Your Existing Team

Pipeline Design & Engineering provides an economical solution for engineering companies needing to supplement their existing product design teams on an as-needed basis.  Hiring a contract engineer can save your company time and money.

With the ability to work remotely or come into your office, we have the flexibility to adapt to your needs within your time frame. Multiple levels of engineering degrees combined with many years of industry experience across a wide range of design disciplines guarantee we have the skills required to provide real value to your company.  A sampling of projects we have supported is listed below.

References are available upon request.


  • Prototype design and testing of minimally invasive surgical instrument for the treatment of GERD and obesity
  • Prototype design, product development, and project management of injection molded components using novel material for medical implant
  • LCD Mounting bracket for outdoor use
  • Redesign of existing medical device components to be injection moldable
  • Design of engineer products such as injection molded components on innovative law enforcement tasing weapon
  • 3D and 2D drawings of various components for military vehicles and armor
  • Production design of hanging hardware for the clothing industry
  • Program management and full design of large housing for electromedical device
  • Design, engineering, & CAD for consumer products for movie theater industry
  • Concept design for laptop desk stand
  • Concept design for home security device housing
  • Production design, development, management, and assembly of professional dry wall tools
  • Test fixture for suturing research
  • Design and validation of various components and systems for the solar power industry
  • Engineering and design and manufacturing of components for stroke rehabilitation device
  • Design and manufacturing of breast implant test fixture
  • Creation and maintenance of documentation within an FDA-compliant quality controlled environment
  • 510k testing, reporting, & submission for novel orthopedic device
  • Blister pack design for consumer product
  • Cable grip for construction & consumer product industry
  • Injection molding redesign for health care communication device
  • Industrial wireless relay device for mass production
  • Production design, engineering, and manufacturing sourcing for high-end medical light
  • Photorealistic rendering images for corporate product catalogue
  • Mechanism design for high-profile trade show demo
  • Ergonomic mouse design & prototype fabrication
  • Many others…