XYZ Table


This motorized XY table was designed to function as a large format auto-scanning spectrophotometer. Large prints, and material samples as thick as 25 mm can be measured accurately with this table. The instrument head mounts to the arm and can be raised and lowered to accommodate variable media thicknesses; it can also be removed and used handheld for spot color measurements and monitor calibration. The table is also used with a hyper-spectral camera, and can generate high-resolution spectral scans for fine art reproduction.”


Pipeline used mostly off the shelf components from existing sources to construct this design.  The fact that the parts were already commercially available made the overall cost of the assembly surprisingly affordable and reduced overall lead time to finish the build.  It also meant that there was very little troubleshooting required once the assembly had been put together.  In the end Pipeline was able to deliver a fully assembled and computer controlled xyz table capable in a short amount of time and at a very aggressive price point. For more information related to the technical details of this product, contact Cassinian Software: