Vacuum Cart System


  • Low volume manufacturing
  • Modular vacuum system
  • Material selection to be compatible with cleanroom environment
  • Parametric CAD model
  • Integrate w/ technicians’ current workflow to increase process efficiencies
  • Utilize components from 80/20 Inc’s line of T-slot extrusions


Using almost exclusively off-the-shelf components from 80/20 Inc’s T-slot extrusion line, Pipeline designed and created a full CAD assembly of this vacuum cart system. Detailed consideration was given to how the system would be used within its intended place of use, and components were specially chosen to be compatible with a clean room environment.

In addition to designing the system, Pipeline also performed in-depth research to identify industry standards pertaining to cleanroom classifications. This research laid the foundation for implementing a vacuum that met the requirements in terms of strength and particulate containment, filtering a minimum of 99.999% of contaminants out of the work space.