Tool ‘n One


  • New crafting tool that could be used to perform a large variety of tasks
  • Incorporate quick release mechanism so different tips could be easily swapped in and out
  • Include storage cavity inside to hold add’l tool tips


The Tool ‘n One aimed to provide a tool for crafters that would allow them to perform many different crafting activities with a single tool. Since several different tips could be used to perform these different functions, a simple mechanism to quickly and securely replace tips was needed. Pipeline incorporated a spring loaded ball catch mechanism that was very robust and would not allow tips to shift while in use or be unintentionally removed.

Since the tool would be used for so many different tasks it was important that it be comfortable to hold. Several concepts were generated by Pipeline’s industrial design team and presented to the customer. Progressing from hand sketches to photorealistic renderings, a concept was chosen and the engineering development performed. Pipeline then handed off files for mass production to the customer’s factory.