Test Fixture Design


Hold device securely while allowing access to repeatedly measure specific parameters including, but not limited to the following:

  • Utilize a custom control system to measure torque required to operated twist knob.
  • Using an Instron test stand, measure tension required to disassemble components.
  • Adapt to Keyence, Starlite and custom optical inspection systems for Dimensional analysis and visual inspection.


Pipeline Design & Engineering has developed expertise in designing and fabricating high precision, robust test fixtures.  As an example of a typical test fixture development program, Pipeline created a large suite of fixtures to support comprehensive device testing for a major medical device company.  In addition to the fixture designs, Pipeline worked with and helped created and refine a series of document control templates to facilitate compliance within the customer’s quality system. Many of the completed fixtures were provided on a compressed timeline. In contrast to the customer’s previous projects (performed by non-Pipeline vendor), the supplied fixtures exhibited improved reliability and accuracy, which allowed for more efficient testing and a shorter time to market.  Pipeline managed the procurement process for the customer, as well, delivering fully assembled and working fixtures.