Strobe Grip


  • Accept all major brands of hotshoe flashes (strobes)
  • Be comfortable to grip
  • Prevent strobe from ever falling off handle
  • Be mountable to standard light stand
  • Hold a photography umbrella at an appropriate angle to be illuminated by strobe
  • Injection mold-friendly


A local team of Arizona wedding photographers came to Pipeline with an idea for a new handle that would be used to hold and manipulate a strobe flash. Typically, a strobe is placed on a light stand with an umbrella and remains stationary (relative to the light stand) throughout the photo shoot. Occasionally, however, it is convenient for a photographer’s assistant to be able to hold and maneuver the strobe/umbrella in different angles and positions. Being attached to a bulky light stand makes this difficult, so a comfortable handle that couples the strobe to the umbrella was desired.

Pipeline conducted market research to identify sizes of common hotshoe flash interfaces and umbrella shaft sizes and designed the Strobe Grip to accommodate a wide range of these products. Additionally, an accessory and features were provided so that a user could still mount the hotshoe onto a light stand, if desired.