SOOH Photo Kiosk


  • Mimic the appearance of an iPhone
  • House a touch screen monitor, precision optics, and custom ring flash
  • Include feature to prevent unauthorized entry inside housing
  • Design so that entire assembly can be stowed and wheeled to and from event in Pelican case


SOOH Media had already developed and successfully launched their first photo kiosk. Now they wanted to make it smaller and easier to transport. Pipeline’s task was to design a new stand and enclosure from the ground up that would hold all of the electronics and hardware necessary for SOOH’s proprietary photo kiosk system, and do so in a way that allowed for quick and easy mobility on and off site.

The finished design allowed technicians to disassemble the housing from the robust stand by simply removing a few strategically positioned screws. The housing footprint was minimized to fit inside a Pelican case. Straps were provided and fit into slots in the stand to fasten the stand to the Pelican case, and the entire setup could then be easily wheeled to and from events. All this was accomplished while still maintaining the “iPhone” aesthetic upon which SOOH had built their branding.