Smart Tray


  • Develop concept for a novel in-flight entertainment tablet device
  • Create full set of CAD models to illustrate tablet, casing, and realistic airline seats and tray tables
  • Create static photorealistic rendered images of scene
  • Create photorealistic animation of scene, showing motion of tray tables and tablets


A veteran of airlines advertising, Smart Tray approached Pipeline about creating a set of rendered images for use in presenting a new idea to airlines companies. The imagery needed to convey pictorially a novel in-flight entertainment product that could also be used as an advertising tool to increase revenue for the airline.

Pipeline created detailed 3D CAD models of airline seats and tray tables, and then developed an engineering concept of the product and how it might be integrated into existing seat architecture. Photorealistic images and animations were created and the inventor was able to use these to secure funding from investors for his new venture.  The simple rendering project then advanced into a large scale development project as Pipeline engineered several complete products to meet the rapidly growing demand for Smart Tray’s product.