• Develop audio video cabinet to hold typical accessories and TV
  • Include electric blue LED “strip” across the front
  • Stand alone on floor and include hanging interfaces/bracketry for wall mounting
  • Fold down glass door that does not block IR signals


A local inventor came to Pipeline with an idea for a modern looking audio video cabinet. The defining feature of the piece was to be a radiant blue LED strip stretching horizontally across the front panel. To make the cabinet accommodate different living environments, special bracketry and interfacing features were also created so the piece could be mounted to a wall.

Pipeline experimented with different arrays of LEDs, and different materials for the LED diffuser to identify a set of parameters that would produce a clean, continuous glow across the front of the cabinet. Electrical wiring was routed through anodized T-slotted extrusions for discreteness. A full bill of materials, including commercially-available components as well as custom designed parts, was delivered to the customer who then built the cabinet and successfully pitched it to one of the largest wholesale retailers in the United States.