PCB Housing


  • Develop a housing design for an existing PCB and LCD touch display
  • Must have access ports for various connectors such as USB, SD Cards, Power, Ethernet, etc
  • Include interface for mounting to existing industrial printer
  • Include venting to allow air flow


An existing customer asked Pipeline to develop a housing to be used in an upcoming tradeshow. The housing would be attached to the customer’s industrial printer and showcased to the audience. It also needed to be prototyped and tested within a narrow timeframe.

Pipeline delivered an initial aesthetic concept of the housing that was approved by the client. Next, the engineering team set about performing the engineering development by adding internal ribbing, screw bosses, draft, etc. Less than a week before the unit was to be delivered, the client requested Pipeline integrate an LED-powered light pipe in the front of the housing. Pipeline was able to incorporate this feature, prototype, and deliver the unit on time.