Outdoor Outlet


  • Design outlet cover that was less expensive to manufacture than client’s existing model
  • Incorporate full DFM for injection molding
  • Incorporate only “mold-friendly” features (i.e. no cams or side actions, etc)
  • Design cover to pivot on both the long and short axis, and be interchangeable by customer


Our client had been manufacturing a variety of outdoor outlet covers for years and was looking for a way to reduce the overall cost. The product was made using an inexpensive plastic on the bottom, and a slightly more expensive polycarbonate material on top. By increasing the height of the bottom and reducing the height by the same amount of the top, the overall height remained the same but the proportion of inexpensive-to-expensive materials increased, reducing the overall material costs.

Since the aim of this product development project was to reduce manufacturing costs, the client requested that no side actions, cams, lifters, etc be necessary to mold the design. Pipeline was able to incorporate side shutoffs in strategic areas to create features that otherwise would have been made with expensive side actions.