Nap Anywhere


  • Create a neck cushion based on inventor’s initial prototype
  • Produce prototypes and evaluate
  • Create mfg documentation and work with factory throughout production


A better solution to the traditional air-inflated neck pillow, the Nap Anywhere is a cushion with full head/neck support that actually works. It’s inventor presented Pipeline with an early proof of concept prototype and requested that Pipeline implement engineering details to make it more functional and ready for mass production.

Several prototypes were produced to identify the optimal configuration of components and user experience. From cut-and-sew shops to waterjet cutters, a variety of vendors from Pipeline’s network were engaged to fabricate the various assemblies. Once an optimal configuration was produced, the inventor launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and gained funding to mass produce the item.

The Nap Anywhere is currently for sale to the public on their website: