The MicroRIP is an innovative print server/printer controller designed to integrate with virtually any color printer with a USB port. It combines multiple features including printer calibration, ICC profiling, variable dot optimization, image processing, adaptive digital halftoning, color gamut validation, process control, Wi-Fi access, cloud connectivity, job spooling and archiving, and a Web-based user interface into a single pocket-sized device. The MicroRIP delivers to OEMs and value-added resellers a complete, closed-loop color print production workflow solution.


Pipeline provided several early stage ID sketches for conceptual case designs.  Following feedback from the customer, these hand sketches were refined into Illustrator renderings for a second round of industrial design.  Once the final concept was selected by the customer, the housing was developed by Pipeline’s engineering team to accommodate internal electronics (provided by Cassinian Software) and facilitate its intended function.  A magnetic interface was introduced to the housings for simply removal and engagement around the electronics package during development. For more information related to the technical details of this product, contact Cassinian Software:http://www.cassiniansoftware.com/our-technology.html