Medical Device Housing


  • Large enough for a range of men and women to stand inside
  • Position sensitive and proprietary medical equipment towards the patient
  • Include features to accept an assortment of accessories
  • Simple assembly process, but prevent disassembly
  • Material selection for heat resistant components
  • Aesthetically attractive


Based on our experience with medical device design, the client came to us with a general concept and the need to meet an aggressive deadline. A variety of manufacturing processes were used to complete the project, including thermoforming, CNC machining, welding, powder coating, and sheet metal bending. Pipeline Design & Engineering was able to incorporate all of the product requirements into a cost-effective design, create 3D CAD models and assemblies, produce a full manufacturing packet including 2D engineering drawings, obtain quotes from a large network of vendors, identify strategic partners, and acquire all necessary hardware within an 8 week period. The client was able to display their new product at a trade show soon after the project’s completion and receive orders to facilitate further production and development, including a line of accessories to compliment the existing product.