LCD Mounting Bracket


  • Hold the weight of an LCD TV
  • Vertical adjustment mechanism
  • Interface with existing hardware
  • Slide and mount underneath customer’s existing product


Pipeline had worked with this client previously to help design a multi-user lounge chair apparatus that seats in the back of a truck bed. Using 3D CAD files from this previous product, Pipeline defined appropriate geometry for the LCD bracket and confirmed proper fit and function in a virtual space. Heights and adjustment ranges were defined by using a mockup LCD and positioning it within the actual lounge chair assembly. Once a comfortable set of dimensions were identified, they were applied to the design of the new bracket.

A simple spring pin was used to control height adjustments, providing the use with approximately 8” in vertical translation of the LCD. An off the shelf swivel mount was used to assemble the LCD to the bracketry, which provided a 50 degree rotation of the monitor. A set of steel clamps was used on the bottom of the table to which the bracketry mounted in order to allow the LCD to be pushed back or pulled forward. The translational degrees of freedom in 2 planes, as well as the rotational freedom provided by the swivel mount, afforded a large range of adjustments to accommodate for different user sizes.