Krazy Wedge


  • Seemlessly blend complex 3D surfaces to create an aesthetically pleasing product
  • Design a hook at the end of the head that would allow players to easily pick up a golf ball
  • Match the desired shaft-to-club angle to optimize ergonomic feel
  • Engineer geometry such that the club’s mass was comparable to a standard pitching wedge


We started by photographing front, side, and top views of the prototype supplied by the customer. These photographs were imported into SolidWorks (CAD) and used as templates to trace the outline of the product. Next, 3D surfacing techniques were utilized to produce the complex curvature and shape of the golf club. Once the CAD model was completed, Pipeline leveraged rapid prototyping technology (in this case Fused Deposition Modeing, or FDM) to create a physical part the customer could hold and evaluate. Slight modifications were made based on the customer’s comments, and a second rapid prototype was created, and subsequnetly approved for manufacturing. The CAD files were sent to a manufacturing facility in China where tooling was made and production units were created.

Prior to retail distribution, the customer returned to Pipeline Design & Engineering and asked us to design packaging materials (blister pack) and implement a logo. The blister pack was created and 2D drawings and photorealistic renderings were generated to illustrate logo placement to the manufacturer.