Jelfin Mouse


  • Redesign existing mouse to increase performance based on user feedback
  • Create geometry that facilitates a more natural finger motion when clicking the mouse
  • Maintain aesthetic shape and style of existing mouse
  • Design parts to be manufacturable for injection molding


Jelfin contacted Pipeline to support their engineering efforts in the redesign of an existing mouse. A novel item in the world of computer mice, the Jelfin mouse had been well received during its first year in production. Its unique spherical shape made it an ergonomic and comfortable choice for many users, and its modular skins made it an ideal candidate for “white label” wholesalers. Once concern voiced by users, however, was the fact that the mouse had a tendency to move slightly relative to the surface beneath it when clicked. This slight movement was enough to cause a user to click in unintended areas on the computer screen. Jelfin asked Pipeline to redesign the external surface and placement of internal electronics in such a way as to prevent the mouse from moving when it was clicked.

The fundamental engineering flaw in the existing product was that the user was required to pull in towards the body with their finger when clicking the mouse (like a firearm trigger). This motion placed a lateral force on the mouse, causing it to move slightly when clicked. The solution was to redirect the force of the user’s finger downward (towards the surface on which the mouse rests) instead of laterally. This was accomplished by redesigning the clickable area of the mouse to flex in a downward direction. The new shape of the mouse provided an intuitive interface that let users know to push down, not pull in.