iPhone Cases


  • Develop two designs for a novel iPhone 4 case design
  • Design cases to hold up to 3 credit cards
  • Incorporate compliant skin on cover to allow for odd shaped items such as keys, flash drives, etc
  • Make contents easily accessible to the user


Pipeline was contracted by two clever inventors to develop a new iPhone case that allowed users to use their iPhone case like a wallet. The case was to accommodate the storage of typical items carried in a wallet such as credit cards, paper bills, coins, business cards, etc. It also needed to provide allowances for irregularly shaped objects that may protrude above the flat shapes of the aforementioned items such as keys or flash drives. The cover also needed to be simple to close and remove, allowing quick and easy access to the contents therein.

The team at Pipeline generated a variety of concepts for the clients to review. Two were chosen as the designs with which to move forward into production development. A variety of materials and manufacturing processes were incorporated to meet the demands set forth in the scope of work. Several rapid prototypes were made via a 3D printing process to quickly converge on optimal design elements and user interfaces. The final design packets, including 2D engineering drawings and 3D CAD exports, were sent to overseas vendors for quoting and production.