Industrial Door Lock Renderings


  • Develop 3D CAD models for a large number of industrial door locks
  • Decrease final cost of product imagery through photorealistic rendering instead of product photography
  • Enable quick and efficient changes to product images through rendering environment adjustments
  • Generate several views of each product in high resolution for inclusion in printed media


The client came to Pipeline with a need for a large number of photorealistic renderings to be used in company brochures. Traditionally, product photography had been performed to generate brochure imagery. However, the client recognized the advantages of renderings over traditional photography for this job and requested Pipeline build 3D CAD representations of all units. By using 3D CAD renderings instead of photography, the client could quickly and efficiently generate different angles, views, materials, and lighting setups in a matter of minutes, not days. Also, minor geometry changes to certain parts were able to be incorporated that would have required altering physical product had photography been used.

To minimize the amount of time spent on CAD modeling, Pipeline engineers modeled only the geometry that would be seen in the final image, excluding internal components and mechanisms that were not necessary to illustrating the product’s outer appearance. The CAD models were then imported into a dedicated rendering environment and various materials and finishes (such as brushed stainless steel, scratched aluminum, cast iron, powder coating, and chrome plating) were applied to individual components. Different lighting schemes were also developed to optimize product-specific features and geometry. After seeing the first set of proofs, the client decided they wanted a few of the products displayed in different angles. Since everything was contained and already “set up” in a digital environment, these changes were able to be completed quickly and inexpensively, as opposed to the large effort that would have been required to set up another traditional photography shoot.