Heatsink Enclosure


  • Fit within existing spacial parameters
  • Provide sufficient cooling for UV LED lamps
  • Design for mass production manufacturing processes


Designed to install inside a large format commercial UV inkjet printer, this project combined a miniature spectrophotometer with a high-power air-cooled UV LED lamp assembly. The assembly was designed to mount directly on the print head of the printer. The UV LED array acted as a curing unit, one of a pair used to cure the ink as an image was printed, in line with the print head. The integrated spectrophotometer module was used to measure 15 mm square patches, each a different color, to calibrate the printer and correct for color drift. Designed by a local Phoenix firm, proprietary software was used for automatic calibration, profiling and process control. For more information related to the technical details of this product and the software tools used to interface with it, contact Cassinian Software: http://www.cassiniansoftware.com/our-technology.html