Electromedical Device Housing


  • Create aesthetically pleasing and functional enclosure for device
  • Housing must be sealed and include pressure release valve
  • Develop assembly layout of electronics within mechanical enclosure
  • Optimize enclosure components for plastic injection molding


The aesthetic and ergonomics of the housing design were very important to the customer, so Pipeline collaborated with Ideaworks and developed several conceptual design options and provided photorealistic renderings to the client for review. A concept was chosen and Pipeline engineered the various enclosure components, optimizing them for plastic injection molding.

Because of the nature of the device, a sealed environment was required for the sophisticated electronics housed inside of the enclosure. Gasket seals were designed into major component interfaces and fastener openings to produce a fully sealed system. Pipeline then completed the full engineering development with screw bosses, draft, etc and worked with a vendor to produce several sets of assembly components for clinical trials of the device.  The assembly fit together perfectly the first time without any design modifications.