Best in Class Craft Machine


  • Large format machine for heavy duty crafting
  • Must have foldable trays to stow in smaller footprint and be portable
  • Include gearing to utilize mechanical advantage and amplify user input force
  • Aesthetic to rebrand Spellbinders “best in class” machine


Spellbinders asked Pipeline to not only redesign mechanically their best in class craft machine, but to completely redo the aesthetic branding of the machine, as well. Pipeline’s industrial design team went to work sketching and rendering many different concepts and presented to the customer. After a few rounds of iteration, an ID concept was approved and we were ready for the engineering development.

In addition to simply making the machine functional, a highly customized set of gears were designed to work within the minimal space yet still be strong enough to handle the high loads during use. The internal structure was also designed with high precision in order to facilitate the exacting demands of die cutting through the roller mechanism