Crux Skunk on Kickstarter

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We’ve been working with several companies lately that have used Kickstarter to launch their new product. The latest is Crux Case, an innovative product company that has developed several iPad cases. Their newest product is called the Crux Skunk, and is absolutely beautiful. Similar to recent Apple Macbooks, the entire case is machined from a […]


Quikdraw Lens Holster

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Pipeline recently finished development of the Quikdraw, an innovative lens holster for photographers. The system allows one-handed changing of lenses between the camera and belt-mounted Quickdraw product. Invented by a local Phoenix engineer and photography enthusiast, the Quikdraw is now live on Kickstarter (see Kickstarter Quikdraw page) and beginning to raise the necessary funds to […]


Black Oxide Finish

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Black oxide is a common coating typically applied to iron and steel. It is created by immersing the part in an oxide salt solution at approximately 285 degrees F. While mostly applied to iron and steels, it can be applied to nonferrous metals such as aluminum under suitable conditions. It cannot, however, be applied over […]


Rapid Prototyping

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The climax of any new product design is actually making the product. In the development phase, this can be scary for a number of reasons. Perhaps you’re undecided between several different features or combinations of geometries, or maybe your manufacturing capital is limited. Manufacturing costs, especially in prototype quantities, can add up quickly. Luckily, a […]


Predicate Devices for New Product Inventions

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One of the ways Pipeline helps its customers is by providing an understanding of the vast array of manufacturing processes, and pairing the appropriate process with the design intent of a particular product. Many inventors like to do as much work as they can on their own before handing the reigns over to us. We […]


New Product Development Process

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Many first time inventors come to us with new ideas for products and lots of questions regarding how the typical product development process works. Here is a brief summary of the common workflow: Define project requirements (both functional and aesthetic) Conceptual exploration (develop several high level concepts, usually in 3D CAD) Work with customer to […]


Material Selection

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Materials selection in mechanical design is one of the most critical (and often overlooked) aspects of a good product. Oftentimes when evaluating required strength parameters of a new design engineers will ask themselves where they can find a good material selection guide. To date, we have found that there are very few resources available that […]


Hawaii Chair

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Some products are destined for greatness, and some for…well…something else. We’ll let you decide which category the Hawaii Chair falls under. If nothing else, the videos are certainly entertaining!


Investor Funding for New Product Development

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We work with a lot of individual inventors who are new to product development and in need of funding. A common situation is for an inventor to come to us with a great idea for a new product but not enough funding to actually take it to market. Many have resources to cover the costs […]


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